S'Accabadora (2022)

YEAR 1877
The room is cold. The walls is full of damp patches seem black. A man is lying on a bed in the corner of the room. She knows him, they almost have the same age. You can hardly see his pale face, the dim light of the candles give you just a glimpse of his features. His fingers indicate her, fingers of a hand where the signs of aging are evident and his moaning, now no longer decipherable, are no more heard.

1 - Laughing Doll
2 - Eyes Painted Blood
3 - A Strange Death
4 - Church Of Saint Anthony pt. 1 "The Procession"
5 - Church Of Saint Anthony pt. 2 "Kill the Priest"
6 - Mamuthones Dance
7 - In the Dark Room
8 - Domus de Janas
     A) Death March To Hell (Until the Last Blood)
     B) The Path of Agony
9 - Dressed in Black
10 - Morte Be Thy Name
11 - The Legend Will Never Die

Reincarnation of Evil (2012)

The arm dangles, like a dead branch, from a side of a tank.The fingers points unexplainably to the dark room of shadows. There's on the floor a pool of dark red blood which it increases more and more. The blood touches the base of the bottle. An injection lies on the edge of the bath.The face is almost completely immerse into the water. It is the mask of fear. But this last jorney wasn't so intense to forget that she saw before death...

1 - The Dark Shadows Room
2 - Lady of the Candles
3 - The Room of a Million Voices
4 - Smell of Blood
5 - Escape from the Bloody House on the Hill
6 - The Time Has Come
7 - Walking Through the Flames of Hell
8 - The Shadow of the Devil
9 - Slaughter in the House of the Witch
10 - Under the Sign of the Evil
11 - Red Eyes of the Abyss
12 - The End of the Beast

Smell Of Blood (2011)

EP containing 4 tracks.

1. The Dark Shadows Room
2. Smell of Blood
3. Shadow of the Devil
4. Slaughter in the House of the Witch